JIM LOGIUDICE film/props/special fx

Props while you wait.

(Those last minute projects that need to be done in one day or less)

 Ships in a bottle

Sanding tires the night before the shoot because they aren’t bald enough.

Mini tranquilizer dart to stick in the neck

Switchblade knife shoes

Rubber juice in a glass so the actor can’t spill

Mini box of tissues for the giant

Rhinoceros (notice Max the parrot standing in for realism)

Acrylic ice (modern day ice maker style)

Mini football field

Nasty gunk to put on a waffle? You got it!


Random shop pic.

Random shop pic.

Miniature cityscape.

Miniature cityscape.

Custom golf cart.

Funny commercial.

Modeled after the 1967-1985 Adventure thru Inner Space attraction at Disneyland.

I made the Atommobiles, my buddy made the Mighty Microscope. 

Doing puppet shows for the kiddos. Good times!

Random shop pic.

Random shop pic.

Arnold Schwarzenegger needed things to crush, with his tank, for his “After school All-stars” fundraising campaign. We donated a giant egg, made a year earlier for a Kashi cereal commercial. It crushed rather nicely.

Disneyland Captain Hook’s Galley sign post.

I just finished up this sign post for a collector who has the original sign but not the captain hook post.

The neighborhood VWs

The neighborhood VWs